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How to view/edit your complaints

To view/edit your complaints:

  • Click on the 'Complaints' link in the menu
  • If you have multiple complaints, filter your list using the options available to you - you can sort claims by clicking on the column title (if the title is underlined)
  • Click on the red 'Action' button for the claim that you would like to view in detail or amend
  • Select one of the following actions:
  • View Complaint Information
  • here you will be able to; view claim information, view messages sent & received, compose new messages and view/upload files linked to your claim.
  • Message The Caseworker / Contact My Complaint Handler
  • Assign Claim to Sub-user
"this will take you directly to the messaging part of the dashboard, messages sent within the dashboard will be permanently linked to your claim"

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