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Consumer Advice: Scams

This page provides consumer advice and tips to help you keep safe from scams and other fraudulent activities. From email scams to credit card fraud, these articles will make sure you are one step ahead of scammers. Just click on an article below to learn more.

  • Keeping the elderly safe from fraudsters – Elderly people are also being ripped off by new scams every week. From doorstep sales to energy saving scams, here some tips on keeping your friends and family safe.
  • Companies being scammed by letter – This online scam targets newly formed businesses who have made a recent entry to Companies House. Some companies are being targeted with a scam letter from Learn more about this scam.
  • Contactless cards – We advise consumers to be vigilant when using contactless cards. Scammers are cloning your cards so keep hold of cards and never give your cards to a shopkeeper, waitress or barmen because they could scan and clone your card.
  • What is the takeaway scam? – Find out more about consumers being asked for extra money from scammers after they have paid for and received their food from local takeaways.
  • Be aware of Brexit fraud emails – Another email scam doing the rounds are Brexit scam emails. Therefore, we urge the public to be very vigilant when opening emails that appear to be from the Government referring to Brexit – these emails are fraudulent and you should not click on anything within the email.
We hope we’ve been able to help you with your consumer problem(s). Below are links to further information about your consumer rights.

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