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I would like to make a complaint about the service I have received from CDRL during the ADR process.

We are not able to accept a complaint regarding the decision reached on your claim. You are, however, still able to pursue your case via the Courts if you do not agree with the outcome of your claim. We can accept a complaint about the service we have provided throughout your ADR journey, on issues such as:

  • Difficulties lodging a claim because of our on-line Portal.
  • We did not follow the process as set out in the Scheme Rules.
  • A member of our team was rude or unhelpful.
We failed to take evidence or information into account when considering your claim.

Please note that service complaints should be lodged within two months of the Final Determination being issued – we are unable to accept any complaints lodged after this time frame.

Please follow the below link to our Scheme Rules, for more detailed information on our Complaints Process:

Click to view our Scheme Rules

If you wish to progress with lodging a service complaint, please click HERE.

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